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1000 Days Of Travel


I think a little post about this milestone is fitting.

1000 days! Well folks, I’ve reached a big landmark in my traveling career. Today (more or less) marks the 1000th day of long-term, mostly international travel that I’ve been lucky to experience. It’s quite unbelievable for me really. How did I turn into a traveler? Whatever happened in my life to make me take those first steps, to get on that plane and go to unknown places I’m so sincerely thankful for. I’ve been lucky to travel for this long and to have seen many of the things I’ve seen and to have experienced many of the things I’ve experienced. I wouldn’t change one minute of… well maybe that time I got a bad case of travelers diarrhea, or when I got food poisoning, or that one time… Okay, well, it’s been 99.9% rewarding 🙂 Traveling has shaped who I am, it’s completely changed my life… for the good. It can change yours too if you will let it. The urge to travel has only grown stronger inside me during those 1000 days.


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