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Adam’s Peak In Photos

I can clearly remember waking up at 3:00am – or a similar awful time – to be able to make it to Adam’s Peak for sunrise. I had lots of snacks to get me though the hike; I was thinking in survival mode so I bought lots of sugar-loaded local snacks, most of which I didn’t end up eating (oddly). The hike took Peter – a friend from Tennessee – and I no more than two hours. My camera doesn’t have the best night-time settings so some of the photos are a little blurry.

P1050739       The start. No, that’s not the night’s sky – well, I suppose it is, partly. Adam’s peak is illuminated the whole way up the mountain using lamp posts. A beautiful scene. From this point, there’s 5200 steps to go.

P1050746        The first glimpse of colour appeared from beyond the horizon. Quite a calming scene.

P1050754        Shades of blue, pink, red and purple started to brighten the sky as onlookers waited and watched patiently.

P1050772        Flocks of people at the top queue to get best spot for sunrise watching. The mountains still dark as the sun has yet to rise over them.

P1050781        Clearer and clearer, the sky opens up. The weather is becoming slightly warmer. Buddhist chanting is being blasted from loud speakers.

P1050797        Silhouettes no more. Behold: beauty. First clear glimpse of the rolling, green landscape.

P1050805        The landscape becomes more visible. Layer upon layer of hills stretch into the unfamiliar distance, each shaded slightly different than the other.

P1050813        The sun has risen. Tasteful shades of orange take over the sky.

P1050825        Now, to join back in with the others. Many a pilgrim. 5200 steps down. Prepare for jello-like legs.

P1050828        View of Adam’s Peak early in the morning after finishing the hike.

P1050840        No smiles here 🙂 I was happy, though. Happy and tired.



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