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Another Day, Another Birthday

Another day, another birthday.

Today I’ve started my 28th year (Happy birthday to me!) on this beautiful earth. Wow, it’s hard to believe just how fast the time passes. Perhaps not in relevance to certain creatures – such as the mayfly which has a lifespan of only 24 hours – but as the years continue to pile on each other, the more I consider just how short our lifespans are in the whole scheme of things.

This is the third birthday I’ve spent while travelling. The first was turning 20 in Ayr, Australia; the second was turning 25 in Mancora, Peru; and the third is turning 28 in Dalat, Veitnam. I’m not a huge fan of elaborate birthday celebrations, and tend to usually keep things pretty quiet. However, I decided to treat myself today and went canyoning which was very fun. If you’re ever in Dalat I suggest trying it out. There may be a beer or two in my near future as well – I won’t feel as bad for spending the extra $1.00 on a couple of beer. The following photo was taken after a long day of hiking and canyoning – the hostel owners were very kind and hospitable and bought me a delicious little cake and gave me a beautiful Vietnamese scarf , too.

Have you spent any birthdays while travelling?


Photo: Me at 28. Dalat Smile Hostel, Dalat, Vietnam – October 14th, 2014

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  1. Ingrid says:

    These are great pictures. I really want to visit Cambodia some day. It looks like you have travelled a lot since we met in Colombia in 2010.

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