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Around The World In Eig…. 100 Beds

P1070927        Photo: Found beside my bed in a room in Kolkata, India

When I first started this blog there was a category labeled “80 Couches”. I had a planned on Couchsurfing around the world, documenting my stays and writing little reviews of my hosts and of my experiences. Around The World In 80 Couches was going to be the name of the original experiment. However, due to many factors, the idea never panned out. Considering the extremely low cost of hostels in much of Asia I decided to stay in hostels more often than Couchsurfing. Of course, it’s not always about the money: hostels provide an atmosphere and experiences that cannot be found while Couchsurfing. Likewise, staying with locals is a completely different experience than staying at hostels, and those experiences are often more rewarding. Sometimes I choose CSing over hostels in order to save money, sometimes I do so in order to meet local people and learn about their way of life, culture, food, history, to have a more authentic experience, sometimes because I don’t want to mingle with all the youngins at a hostel. Sometimes I choose a hostel because of the low price, because I want to meet some interesting travelers. And so on.

However, the 80 Couches idea obviously didn’t work because I didn’t see it though. I was lazy with the idea, and often procrastinated. I just felt like making this post – I think it would have been a really cool experiment, and perhaps I’ll do it someday. I suppose I’ll have to learn about the ethical barriers regarding posting about actual hosts and my experiences with them.

Getting to the point, I haven’t necessarily slept on 80 couches, but I certainly slept on 80 surfaces, 101 actually in the last 7.5 months. Last night I found myself sleeping on my 101st bed, in a hostel in Split, Croatia. The word bed is this case is true, however, it’s usually standing in for the many other surfaces I’ve slept on (or tried to) such as: bus seats, train berths, airport floors, other floors, Coursurfing host’s couches, shared beds, beds in tree houses, many dorm beds, beds at 4,800 meters above sea level, and the beds that were barely found due being up to no good.

Here’s to sleeping around the world


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