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Couchsurfing in Transylvania

Written in early May, 2015. The moon was full and shining eerily through the fog-like clouds last night in Sibiu, Transylvania. Her lips and teeth were dyed red from the cheap red wine but I wondered if it was actually blood from her most recent kill that she was succulently licking from her seductive Romanian grin. Shortly thereafter I found myself in her bed, telling myself, “this is it,” as she slowly sank her...

FlyPEI (Charlottetown Airport) Promo Video Featuring Islanders Traveling Abroad

Hey everyone, I’d like to share this video with you! As part of FlyPEI’s new campaign they decided to put this video together showcasing Islanders traveling abroad in order to inspire and motive people to travel! I had taken part in a photo in Chennai, India, back in February. This part of the campaign is featured on their website labeled as “travel stories” – you can check it out...

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