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The Perspective Chronicles: Meet Lucia Partikova

    What is your name? “My name is Lucia Partikova” Where are you from? “I’m from Slovakia” What is your age? “23” Why are you in Cambodia? “Because I wanted to travel to Southeast Asia and it was one of the countries I really wanted to visit and I’ve never been to Cambodia before and I’ve heard a lot about the culture and the people and the nature and so I wanted to go and see....

The Perspective Chronicles: Meet Luke Pearson

  What is your name? “Luke Pearson” Where are you from? “Dartford, Kent, England “ What is your age? “I’m 25 years young” Why are you in Laos? “I’m in Laos because it’s the next logical step from Vietnam back to Thailand….” Why is traveling important? “Because when you travel only then can you really experience the different cultures and the way of life of the rest of the people that...

The Perspective Chronicles: Meet Zen Tommy

The Perspective Chronicles: Meet Zen Tommy What is your name? “Thomas Runggaldier” aka Zen Tommy Where are you from? “Selva, Italy” What is your age? “36” Why are you in Vietnam? “Teaching kitesurfing in Mui Ne” What comes to mind when you think of a hostel? “Cheap sleeping, to see people from different countries, meeting international travelers” From which country are most travelers? “Germans” Why do people come...

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