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Doors: North India

P1080200        Some doors are just as they should be.

Doors and their ways.

What do you think before opening a door and crossing through a doorway? Nothing? Watching your head? Wondering what’s on the other side? Something superstitious?

Often, I view traveling and its benefits as a doorway. A doorway to a fuller, happier life; to open mindedness; to a brighter future; to obtaining knowledge; to new experiences; to sincere friendships; to meaningfulness; to new beginnings; to opportunities to consume the thrills and wonders of life. An escape for some. A new journey, a new adventure, a new experience for others.

P1070167        We are not two; we are one.

P1070174        An entranceway within a door.

P1070178        Archaic mammoth.

P1070184        Some doors possess a particular elegance.

P1070275        Some doors are covered in intricate designs, welcoming you.

P1070278        Some doors lead you to mysterious places, into darkness.

P1070810        Some doors aren’t as lonely as others, mutually neglected.

P1070854        Through years of abuse, true colours shine through.

P1080209        You may see yourself in some doors.

P1080210        Battered and used, billed with the news.

P1080216        Some doors wish you good fortune and peace.

P1080220        Only a photographic mind will remember what’s behind this door.

P1080221        Some doors stand alone, in nature.

P1080281        And some will soon be forgotten.


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