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Doors: South India

P1060565          So beautiful, seemingly perfect.


Doors and their ways.

What do you think before opening a door and crossing through a doorway? Nothing? Watching your head? Wondering what’s on the other side? Something superstitious? I try not to be superstitious, it’s bad luck…. 😉

Often, I view traveling and its benefits as a doorway. A doorway to a fuller, happier life; to open mindedness; to a brighter future; to obtaining knowledge; to new experiences; to sincere friendships; to meaningfulness; to new beginnings; to opportunities to consume the thrills and wonders of life. As an escape for some. A new journey, a new adventure, a new experience for others.

P1060571          Blue, just the way it should be.

P1060612          Free hugs? Who couldn’t use one? Doorway to happiness.

P1060617          Complete. All patched up.

P1060920          Door and surface for creative expression.

P1060924          Some doors are slowly fading away.

P1060925          Making it work.

P1060935          Unintentional patterns?

P1060941          Some doors are rusty metal sidings.

P1060943           Some doors have an easy existence, no weight on their shoulders.

P1070011          Some doors are covered with bills, covering their true appearance.

P1070023          Some doors are only half there.

P1070031          Some doors are hanging by a thread.

P1070121          Behind some doors is complete silence (Vipassana meditation center).


We’re always opening new ones, literally, aren’t we?

Many of us are trying to open new ones, metaphorically, aren’t we?




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