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Doors: The Balkans – Part 1

Doors and their ways.

What do you think before opening a door and crossing through a doorway? Nothing? Watching your head? Wondering what’s on the other side? Something superstitious?

Often, I view traveling and its benefits as a doorway. A doorway to a fuller, happier life; to open mindedness; to a brighter future; to obtaining knowledge; to new experiences; to sincere friendships; to meaningfulness; to new beginnings; to opportunities to consume the thrills and wonders of life. An escape for some. A new journey, a new adventure, a new experience for others.

P1090221        Tattoos of the doors.

P1090226        Not what it used to be, my reflection is merely me.

P1090256        Some doors get a little rusty in their old age.

P1090259        Some doors haven’t been opened for a while.

P1090264        You must work around some doors.

P1090382        A world within a world; a door within a door.

P1090413        Vibrant, standing strong, seemingly meant to be green.

P1090469        Some doors have been ordered closed by NATO.

P1090529        Partners in crime.

P1090542        Some doors are hardly separated from each other.

P1090589        Much narrower than many friends.



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