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Doors: The Balkans – Part 2

Doors and their ways.

What do you think before opening a door and crossing through a doorway? Nothing? Watching your head? Wondering what’s on the other side? Something superstitious?

Often, I view traveling and its benefits as a doorway. A doorway to a fuller, happier life; to open mindedness; to a brighter future; to obtaining knowledge; to new experiences; to sincere friendships; to meaningfulness; to new beginnings; to opportunities to consume the thrills and wonders of life. An escape for some. A new journey, a new adventure, a new experience for others.

P1090663        Some doors are full of history.

P1090789        Some doors could use a makeover.

P1090804        Is this door trying to say something?

P1090805        Some doors apparently have avatars.

P1090806        Some doors weave curious webs.

P1090839        Meow! Meow? Meow…

P1090853        Split personalities?

P1090854        Sometimes you just know you’re at the right spot.

P1090878        You’re just not sure about some doors, or what’s to be found behind them.

P1090926        Some doors allow you to see things in a completely new way.

P1090966        Not rough around the edges.

P1090982          John Lennon. Some doors are radiating with love.

P1090995        Some doors are just wonderful.



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