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Hiking In The Himalayas Until Mid April!

Hey all. Well, tomorrow I get to scratch something else off the bucket list: hiking in the Nepalese Himalayas. I’ll be trekking through the Annapurna region of Nepal for the next 12-14 days, 5,416m at the highest altitude. Nepal is home to most of the worlds tallest mountains and I’m looking forward to seeing them up close and personal. The trek isn’t generally dangerous, but sadly there have been many fatalities in the region due to AMS, avalanches, unexpected storms, and more. Apparently his region received the most snow in 15 years (crazy weather everywhere, eh?). However I think I’m well prepared, and will be as responsible as I can be. The route in supposed to be well trampled, and has tea houses all along the way catering to thousands of trekkers who are hungry for apple pie, giving the trek the name “the appe pie trek”. I wish I could say that there will be no updates from me in the next two weeks, but I know that that’s not true: some of the villages have wifi, so I should be able to send an update or two along my way. Cheers.

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