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The Annapurna Diaries: Day 15


Done. Well done. Yet here I am staying one extra day in Tatopani. I would have had to pack my things and rush if I wanted to leave. Actually, I was indifferent, apathetic towards my destination and doings. I ate, we stayed. I also had no place to be, and I wanted to visit the hot springs. I bought a gift for my sister, ate two breakfasts, then hit the hot springs with Jennifer. Wow, what a beauty. She looked like a model, I looked like a hobo hippie, no shave or haircut in 7 months. One can dream, right? She was a women, much better company than the previous two girls. The air was hot, the sun shining, almost too much to bear while in the hot springs. We sunbathed for awhile after, my skin relishing in the afternoon sun. Those cold days felt like years ago, not mere days. The Himalayas weren’t far away, though. A look behind finds the beasts towering in the horizon. We played cards for much of the afternoon, a french trump game named bullet. I quite enjoyed it. A beer, and some-happy-jazz-music-later it was bed time. The diaries end tomorrow.”

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