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The Annapurna Diaries: Day 16



“Today doesn’t really count, neither does yesterday really. The trek has been completed but the journey carries on. I had hoped Jennifer would come to Pokhara. I’m now writing on a bus, waiting to depart Tatopani to Beni, change buses there and then head to Pokhara. This time is neither happy nor sad, although the music entering my left ear (broken right headphone) would indicate sadness. But what better music? The sky is grey, a chapter is over, I don’t know what I’m doing in this life – does anyone? Shortly, the Israelis will bombard the bus, a buzz of muffled Hebrew will fill the air. I’ll still have my music. Happy…. I’ll reflect on the last two weeks. Leaving it all behind. My last breath of fresh air, truly fresh air. Begin the jeeps and buses and fuel-spiting mufflers. Just like that. I watched scrupulously the local people as the bus passed their homes. I listened to my music as I watched child labour, cliffs crumbling, and elders carrying heavy loads. Just like that.”

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