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The Annapurna Diaries: Day 2


The Annapurna Diaries: Day 2, Ngadi to Jagat

I’m tired. It’s starting to get colder already, at 1300 meters. It’s raining steadily now and it’s blowing hard. I’m glad my walking has finished for the day. The first part of the trek was nice – walking along valley and rivers, on cobblestone paths, through villages, it was nice. The second part consisted of me suffering while walking up switch-back and switch-back, endlessly zig-zagging up the cliff. The road was ugly, but the diminishing valley and rice paddies behind me were beautiful. I’m not used to walking steeply and for extended hours under the afternoon sun with a 10kg (approx.) backpack. Needless to say, I did a lot of sweating. A lot. I was considering going to Chame, only 1 hour farther than Jagat, but after arriving in Jagat at 12:45pm I was exhausted. I skipped out on lunch today (such an odd thing for me to do!), hmm..  So we started around 6:40am today, probably. I recognized that there was some tension between Jane and me. I had planned on suggesting that we both do our own thing and go our own ways if the situation didn’t improve and if she was comfortable with that. She did barely any research and didn’t like trusting the information I provided about the trek, which was generally correct. We left this morning with the Swedish couple, they were fit and worked in the mountains in Sweden. I kept up for a while but soon realized that I was there for me and I should do this trek at my own comfortable pace, not at the pace of others, as to not over exert myself and to have a move pleasurable experience. I slowed down. They had their own pace, and destination in mind, which was obvious and didn’t affect me. Jane tried to keep up with them, she couldn’t. But instead of walking at a more reasonable pace, like mine, she chose to walk well in between me and the Swedes. I said to myself then and there that this is not the type of person I want to hike with for the next two weeks (although trekking partners will often hike apart from each other and at slightly different paces throughout the day, we were hiking separately). I caught up with them after a while when they were taking a break. The Swedes apologized about their fast pace and said they wanted to make it to Tal, some 21km away – something I wasn’t going to try to do on this day. Then Jane spoke up and said she would do the same. I was visibly upset with my emotionless face. She asked if I was pissed off, but I just let my more passive-slightly-aggressive self take over and may have mumbled a sullen “no”. If she didn’t want to hike with me that’s totally cool, I need not be bitter about that, I’m just not a fan of how it happened – being left alone on a deserted road on a hot day in the relatively secluded Annapurna region. At least it wasn’t raining. I tried to feel compassion and love for her rather than negative feelings but I ended up daydreaming about her twisting her ankle and being helicopter-lifed to safety and not having travel insurance (an honest risk). Obviously this is something I don’t want, and I would never wish such a terrible thing to happen. Fair enough, she was short on time and wanted to hurry ahead. I basically did all of the research, plan making, etc.. I left a day early at her request although we didn’t really need to do so. Meh, it doesn’t really matter though, does it? To each his or her own. I’m quite content being by myself, and I’m sure I’ll catch up with people every day. I like walking through this vast wonderland alone. It gives me time to think and to enjoy nature. Earlier today, at times, I was reminded of the film/book “into the Wild”, although we all know that that’s a bizarre stretch – a hike of this sort, although challenging, is not even remotely comparable to the adventures of Christoper McCandless. 25Km hiked so far, 12km today, 115km to go. Now, I’m waiting for my dal bhat, then I’ll do some reading and hope not to go to bed so early tonight.

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