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The Annapurna Diaries: Day 3









The Annapurna Diaries: Day 3, Jagat to Dharapani


The days go by oh so quickly. Ah, freedom. My first day alone. I now see the importance of having a trekking partner, not only having someone to chat with and to enjoy nature’s beauty with, but someone to know I died. I mean, if I were to die, of course – fall of a cliff, become ill, get trampled by a yak, etc.. Oh well, I’ll meet up with enough people on the way that I’ll never be truly alone. Today I walked from Jagat to Dharapani, 15km over about 7 hours. It rained yesterday for most of the day. Today it did the same – my waterproof gear turned out to be not so waterproof after all. I wasn’t too cold at any one point during the day as I was always moving until I stopped at the guesthouse, which was owned by a lovely women who really wanted my money, understandably. I was the only one there except for one Chinese trekker who arrived later. Starting in Jagat, the views were of jagged rock-faced cliffs, strikingly beautiful. The hike detoured up a rocky path through the forest rather than staying on the boring road. There was much cloud cover and the hiking was pleasant. At the end of any day I can hardly remember the scenery – there are always so many drastic changes and when I think back it seems as if the previous 10/15km were spanned over several days, not merely one. It rained for most of the day. When I got to Dharapani I had trouble getting warm. My clothes dried out by the cooking fire with the help of the owner. I put on mostly everything else I owned and curled up in bed and read. I tried to stay awake but most likely dozed off around 8:00pm or so. I peed out the 2nd floor window. I was cold and lazy and tired and wasn’t about to walk outside in the dark rain to use the toilets. Is my upsetness, resentment, bitterness justifiable towards Jane? One other traveler thinks not and he’s pretty much right. However, I’m still not happy about how things played out, and my respect for her has lessened. I’ll have to see her on the trek, I’m sure, but neither of us has anything to say to the other anyway. As is life.

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