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The Annapurna Diaries: Day 7

Rest Day In Mannag


 Rest day in Manang. Did I sleep in? Of course not. Let’s wake up at crow-piss, Evan, and moodle around for a while. I thought of catching a flick in one of Manang’s theaters (some projector rooms) but decided against it. There are many day walks available in Manang to better help your acclimatization. Tichilo Lake is supposedly the highest lake in the world and one of the highlights of the circuit but it’s two days away and I don’t have the time. Similarly, there’s another ice lake one day’s walk away but I heard it’s closed and inaccessible due to too much snow having fallen. The previous night Logan ad I got acquainted with a few people we had already briefly met in Pissang – Dawn from Australia, Angela from England, and Tom from England, – and we met Marc from Belgium, too. We spent time playing cards and discussing the most beautiful celebrities of whom our opinions differed greatly. We seemed like a good crew (I’m writing this post a few days later and I just want to note how people can either grown on you over dimly lit beginnings, or drift away with a forceful wind after a bright beginning). In the afternoon Tom, Logan, Dawn and I hiked up to a gompa (Buddhist monastery) for a few reasons: to see it, to become more acclimatized, and to keep up with the trekking tradition. The walk was steep and the views rewarding. It started to snow rather heavily so we didn’t make it to the actual gompa but to a series of rock statues on a plateau below. The snow felt nice, I was thoroughly enjoying watching the flakes fall before me, like a movie, a beautiful real-time, scrolling movie. The flakes, they blur time and space. We built a little ‘inukshuk’ and carried on. I wonder: why can’t people be a little more friendly towards the snow back where I’m from? It’s going to happen, and it’s often otherworldly beautiful. Rather than focusing on cursing the weather, watch it, draw it, be mesmerized by it’s spectacular beauty. Some pastries, wifi, tea, and then a cold, shallow sleep for me.

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