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The Annapurna Diaries: Day 9



Well, where did those days go? I’m two posts behind. Today we walked from Yetdar to Thorong Pedi, leaving at 8:00am and arriving at 10:30am or so. The rest of the day after the hike went by very slowly. The hike wasn’t too difficult, but my breathing was quicker. I would gasp for air, naturally. The sun is so strong, and the glistening white snow makes it even harder on the eyes. My glasses press against the back of my head so I’d rather not where them but wearing them is pretty much necessary. Snow covers the path pretty much everywhere now, slippery in the early morning and then sloppy and muddy once the sun warms up and starts melting the snow. It was cold, cold, cold last night but I imagine it will be much colder tonight at 4450 meters above sea level. How many people are this high right now? Not many says I. Really though, there aren’t many peaks in the Americas, Africa, Europe or most elsewhere in Asia at this height. Tomorrow is the big push over the pass, a 1000 meter climb to Thorong La Pass’s 5416 meter throne. Some people are even higher due to Nepal’s special plant. Mark, from Belgium, is one of those people and if you’re behind him you’ll have to dodge a cloud of smoke. What a great guy, though. Let’s talk about anything, Mark. Importance, suffering, politics, heartbreak, women, suffering, hope, travelers and travels, all the while with sincerity, honesty. He started singing “who’s that girl?” today and I said “no”, he said “you don’t like that song?” and I joked “not when you sing it”. He had many better choices in his repertoire. Right now I’m sitting around the tables with my hiking buddies and behind us, sitting around the fire, are about one dozen Israelis. Hebrew is being yelled and has been for hours, all around me. Frankly, it’s too much in this small tea house. Holy wow though, the girls are unreal. Strikingly melt-your-heart beautiful. We’ve just had dinner – I overate and then finished everyone elses meals. We played ‘Yaniv’ (a wonderful Israeli card game) around the fire and tried to warm up. I was fed up with Dawn’s humor, or lack thereof, today and had to remove myself from her immaturity. I can put up with the banter from the two Brits for long enough but I can’t put up with rude, inconsiderate closed-mindedness for long. They know I have a fuse. I’m a mixture of seriousness and foolishness. 5km hiked today, and a 250 meter increase in elevation.

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