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The Perspective Chronicles: Meet Julia Meney


What is your name?

“Julia Meney”

Where are you from?

“Paris, France”

What is your age?


How long have you been traveling for?

“5 months”

What is your job?

“Resident medical [soon to be an eye surgeon]”

Why are you in Nepal?

“First reason is for trekking in the Himalayas, especially in Annapurna because it’s the thing I’ve thought of many times and now I went there”

What comes to mind when you think of Canada?

“Great space. Snow. A good place to live. And, Quebec, of course”

Which country’s people have the most seductive accent?

“The Italians and English speakers while speaking French, and of course when the French speak English”

What is the purpose of life?

“First answer is to be happy. And secondly, for me, something like to find the right mix between seriousness and craziness”

Does anything really matter?

“Yes. I would say friends, family, and not freedom but independence”

What is your travel philosophy?

“Au jour le jour. Day by day”

Does traveling bring happiness?

“Yes, definitely. Sometime amazement. The obvious things are cities, scenery, locals, travels, sharing experiences, and getting out of my comfort zone brings happiness”

Why is traveling important?

“Because I love it. It opens your mind – I hope so. For me, it’s especially important because if you ask me what passions I have I would answer ‘traveling’. To realize that there is not only one place to live in the world”

What’s your favorite drink?

“San Julien, French red wine”

What comes to mind when you think of a hostel?

“Dorms. A place to meet people. And warmth – but before I came here [to the Himalayas]!”

What would you ask me if you were doing this interview?

“You have been traveling much longer than me, what do you look for in traveling more? Seeing new people, new countries, or something else”

So, what will you look for in your future travels?

“Learning many things and acquiring capacities. In my future travels I would like to see new countries I have no idea about and to see new cultures, and to really learn a foreign language”

Does traveling make you a better person?

“I hope so, but I’m not absolutely sure. Because I travel for me – I don’t think it’s made me a worse person. Yes, I think so.

What must someone do to be happy?

“Follow his or her own stream”

Tell me about a happy moment?

“There are many, but I should choose one! It’s difficult. Climbing Hai Van pass in Vietnam by bicycle with my brother. It was great, we thought it was going to be so difficult… it was, but we made it”

What do you think of Nepal?

“Very good surprise. I came for trekking and discovered a culture that I didn’t know about. Really kind people. Amazing scenery must be in this answer”

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