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The Perspective Chronicles: Meet Matthias Strobel



What is your name?

“Matthias Strobel”

Where are you from?

“From Berlin, Germany”

What is your age?


Why are you in India?

“I’m in India to sort out my mind and to recharge my batteries and to get back and start with more energy again and start fulfilling the ideas and dreams I have in my head”

What is your job?

“I am the chief marketing officer of my company called Nagual Sounds” ( – check it out!)

What comes to mind when you think of Canada?

“Amazing nature, huge mountains, snowboarding, woods, and laid back people”

Which country’s people have the most seductive accent?

“The French and Spanish girls”

What is the purpose of life?

“Living. Living it to the fullest”

Does anything really matter?

“People matter”

What is your travel philosophy?

“Stay in the present moment and enjoy it the most you can – every moment”

Does traveling bring happiness?

“For sure it does. It’s probably the thing that brings the most happiness…. traveling. Yeah, cause it opens up your mind and you get to see things in a different perspective than in everyday life”

Why is traveling important?

“Because traveling is like…. you get to see things that you wouldn’t have thought of when you’re back home and it makes you more tolerant in terms of…. when you go traveling you’re not narrow minded anymore, you’re more open minded because you have to accept the things that happen around you because there are things happening that wouldn’t happen when you’re back home because everything is different when you go to a country that doesn’t have the things you have back home”

What’s your favorite drink?

“Depends on my mood. If you want to put it to cocktails it’s probably rum with coke – good rum with coke”

What comes to mind when you think of a hostel?

“Socializing. Different languages, different cultures. Most of the time awesome people. A melting pot of people who live in the same mind space. And, exchanging experiences and travel stories”

What would you ask me if you were doing this interview?

“What was the craziest experience so far you’ve had on your trip?”

So, what’s the craziest experience you’ve had so far on this trip?

*Laughs* “I’ve been only traveling for three weeks! Oh yeah – I surprised my sister in Kashmir and she didn’t know I was coming and it was fucking amazing, got to stay on a Bollywood set for two days, and lived on a house boat there. It’s not crazy at all, but I’ve only been traveling for three weeks!”

Does traveling make you a better person?

“Definitely. It does, it does. I have more inner freedom… feeling better with myself”

What must someone do to be happy?

“Do the things that you’re passionate about and don’t get into the hamster wheel of life”

Tell me about a happy moment.

“When I was snowboarding in New Zealand. I went heli-boarding there. So we went to the peak of the mountain – we flew up there and we walked another hour until we got to the peak…. and then we had this total surreal scenery of the Lord Of The Rings around us and a 20 minute ride all of the way down the mountain on untouched snow, and the feeling that I had at that moment was pretty overwhelming. And, happy”

What do you think of India?

*Quiet contemplation* “That’s really hard because India lives in organized chaos and it’s hard to cope with that if you’re from a western country. But, on the other hand, it’s the only way it can work with 1.3 billion people. And, I really like the attitude of being aware of karma…. I don’t think Indian people have an egotistical attitude, they’re helping each other. Super nice, very helpful, friendly, and curious. It’s huge. Diversity is a important word. I love it. It’s hard to explain”

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