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The Perspective Chronicles: Meet Roman Križanič



What is your name?

“Roman Križanič”

Where are you from?


What is your age?


Why are you in Cambodia?

“Why not? (laughs) Traveling. Passing through. Visiting friends. Preparing a tour for my work. Combining pleasure with work”

What is your job?

“I have a travel agency so I organize and guide adventure trips”

What comes to mind when you think of Canada?

“The fist impression about Canada for me… the first thing that comes in my mind is…. a multi-ethnic community. I would like to travel there for sure, beautiful nature. And, Canadians, in general, are nice people”

Which country’s people have the most seductive accent?

“I like Russian accents”

What is the purpose of life?

“The short version… I think living from day to day so that life can surprise me. It’s nice to have a general plan, but it’s nice if you go day by day, and if things come and grab you and you just go with the flow and enjoy the moments. That you’re not afraid of sudden decisions. When you travel alone, within two minutes you can change your plan… pretty much the same can be said for life”

Does anything really matter?

“Well I’m sure… I think good friendships. I don’t think that you can be so ignorant in life to say that nothing matters”

What is your travel philosophy?

“I like to travel to meet people and eat good food”

Does traveling bring happiness?

“Of course. And, it’s a way of life for me”

Why is traveling important?

“To open your mind…. to widen your horizons in all aspects, in seeing other cultures, in seeing how other people live. Based on that, you can sort out many things. If you live in one place all of time you think there is no other way to live your life, but when you travel you see that it’s possible to live different ways, to see how other people react to problems, and to see that your problems back home are not as big as you think they are”

Should age prevent you from traveling?


What’s your favorite drink?

“Probably Gin Tonic”

What comes to mind when you think of a hostel?

“Dormitory. A really nice place where travelers meet, easy to find fellow travelers, easier than hotels. A great place to hook up”

What would you ask me if you were doing this interview?

“….I know things I wouldn’t ask. It’s not so easy. I would ask ‘where is the best barber shop?’”

So, where is the best barber shop?

“….actually here in Sihanoukville, they’re really good here. But my best barber shop experience was in Bosnia”

Does traveling make you a better person?

“I don’t know about better, but different. I travel because I like traveling and exploring, but I don’t think traveling made me a better person, but I’m different because of it. Definitely more open minded”

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