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The Perspective Chronicles: Meet Sayo Makino


What is your name?

“Sayo Makino”

Where are you from?

“Hyogo, Japan”

What is your age?

“Now 35”

Why are you in India?

“To study yoga mainly, and I’m a member of an NGO so to do volunteer work in Rishikesh”

What comes to mind when you think of Canada?

“Nature. Nice people – I always meet nice Canadian people. Cold. Maple syrup. A place where I want to go”

Which country’s people have the most seductive accent?

“I like….maybe American, but maybe Canadian. I can’t always tell the difference!”

What is the purpose of life?

“To be happy. And to make people be happy and healthy – that’s my yoga teacher’s teaching”

Does anything really matter?

“Love matters”

What is your travel philosophy?

“I told somebody once ‘open your eyes and heart’”

Does traveling bring happiness?

“Yes. Happiness…. Happiness…. I used to build walls around me, but when I travel I feel like my wall is breaking down – it’s happiness, but I also feel like my world is becoming bigger and bigger. I used to be like: ‘I should do ”this” or I should do ”that”, but after traveling I don’t think that way, I can choose”

Why is traveling important?

“Because traveling helps you grow, makes you different. Traveling makes your world bigger. And you can see new worlds, you can meet new people, new food, you can have lots of experiences. If you stay in only one place in your country you can still have experiences, but traveling is different”

What’s your favorite drink?

“If it’s hot outside, beer”

What comes to mind when you think of a hostel?

“Meeting people. Both clean and dirty. Comfy, and sometimes annoying. Sometimes a bit stressful to find a good hostel. Good and bad”

What would you ask me if you were doing this interview?

Do you feel you’ve changed because of traveling?

So, do you feel you’ve changed because of traveling?

“Yes. That’s why I keep traveling. I like feeling that I’m changing”

Does traveling make you a better person?

“Yes. I hope yes. But sometimes worse, I think. You know, because if I stayed only in Japan usually people are nice so I don’t need to get angry with my situation, but when I travel lots of things of going in different ways, so I get angry or annoyed. So I feel that sometimes ‘no, no, no, this is not good’ but yes traveling makes me a better person. I hope”

What must someone do to be happy?

“Do yoga”

Tell me about a sad moment?

“My dog died. I loved her so much. She was my favorite creature in this world. But, I know dogs have short lives so I was prepared but still it was so sad”

Tell me about a happy moment?

“When I taught my first yoga class in Rishikesh, India, and saw that everybody looked happy”

What do you think of India?

“Ah, India! Huge, not only in land, but including so much meaning, and differences. Not easy to understand. India… huge and deep. Nice people, bad people, good food, bad food. Usually dusty. Ganga (Ganges River) is special for me. Lots of Gods. For me, it’s easy to pray while I’m in India”

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